Monday, 6 March 2017

Safety should always take on the paramount role in the crane industry!

3 die as crane crashes in BoudhBy 

Seven labourers were engaged in the work when the chains fitted to the hook of the cantilever of the crane snapped and the gate along with Hydra came crashing down the barrage killing three on the spot and injuring other workers. The Hydra was reportedly overweight and tippled down the barrage after the operator lost control over the machine. Neither the Junior Engineer nor Assistant Engineer were present at the spot. 

On being informed, district Collector of Boudh Madhu Sudan Mishra and his Sonepur counterpart Dasarathi Satpathy along with SPs B Gangadhar and Prakash Chandra Patra supervised the rescue and relief operations.

Executive Engineer, Irrigation, Ajay Kumar Sethi said the accident occurred after the gate which was being lifted by the crane rammed into a wall and the operator lost control.
On completion, the project envisages to provide irrigation to 9,660 hectares in Boudh and Kantamal blocks of Boudh district.

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